Are you searching for work-life balance? Have you wanted to own your own business, but you’ve been hesitant to make a move? If you enjoy a challenge, good food, doing good for others, and giving back to your community, then opening a Firehouse Subs restaurant in Columbus, NE might be your answer! Becoming a Firehouse Subs franchisee allows you the entrepreneurial opportunity you seek, pairing it with the work-life balance you long for. Firehouse Subs franchises are blazing a trail across the United States and looking to expand our franchise opportunities in Columbus, NE.

Firehouse Subs is known for its strategic method of growth and expansion. With over 1,200 locations and continued growth, Firehouse Subs has a company ethos based on community support, corporate guidance, and our secret sauce of serving good food and doing good. We position our franchisees with a strong foundation and supportive cornerstones for building your franchise. This is the reason we guide all of our franchisees with a widespread range of training programs and operating systems to help build your business. And this helps with the work-life balance we mentioned. If you pursue a Firehouse subs franchise opportunity in Columbus, NE, we will give you the system to implement, and you execute it, that way you wear one franchise owner hat and not several other hats, allowing you more time for yourself. Both you and your franchise are important to us. We are not only dedicated to building profits for our franchisee’s success but for the community they are established in as well. Through every Firehouse Subs location that is opened, we make sure to give back to that community. This is done through our Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, which provides lifesaving equipment to first responders from a percentage of the sale proceeds in all of our U.S. based locations.

Ready to embark on a unique experience, join a positive work environment, and soak in family-friendly work schedules? Contact us today and see how bright your trail of success with a Firehouse Subs franchise opportunity in Columbus, NE can be!


  1. With a history of landing on this renowned list multiple times, Columbus, Nebraska, has been named in the “Top 100 Best Small Town to Live” according to CNN/Money Magazine as well as the third best place in the country to find employment.
  2. With Omaha and Lincoln only a short drive away, Columbus has the best of both worlds. It is a smaller community than its sister cities, but it’s not too large. Columbus is classified as a micropolitan community. It’s one of the few towns in America where you can still walk into the local grocery store and come across someone you know, but it’s still large enough to offer all of the necessary amenities. If you’re looking for a “big” city with a small-town vibe, Columbus is the place for you.
  3. Columbus is a great place to raise a family! Columbus has some of the top-ranked educational options for public and private education for students ranging from K-12. The city also hosts great post-secondary education opportunities at Central Community College-Columbus.


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