Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Great Franchisee?

Owning your own Firehouse Subs franchise can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The ability to create and manage your own store, connect with your local community, and support yourself and your family are just some of the benefits. Because of the tremendous appeal, many people are interested in learning more about becoming a franchise owner, which is great! We have a huge support team here at Firehouse Subs, ready to assist our prospective franchisees.

If you are considering opening a franchise, there are several things you should have in place. It’s important to understand your options for financing, how to choose the best location, and how to leverage brand recognition in order to grow your customer base. But beyond the logistics, there are a few character traits that people often need to be a successful franchise owner.

These are the distinct qualities that have allowed our franchisees to be successful owners:

  1. You’re passionate about the brand: Don’t align yourself with a company that you’re not completely passionate about—this will make it hard to keep going when things get challenging! Here at Firehouse Subs, our franchisees often start out as loyal customers who love our food and our commitment to giving back to the community. Already loving the food, the company culture, and wanting to share this with your town can get you a long way.
  2. You’re adaptable: Running your own store can come with its ups and downs and plenty of creative challenges along the way. And while you’ll always have support from your Firehouse company team, it pays to have a knack for adapting to change and finding new ways to solve problems. Rolling with the punches and being open to tweaking your game plan over time will help you be a successful franchise owner.
  3. You’re a people person: While you don’t need to be the world’s biggest extrovert in order to be a franchisee, it helps if you are connected in your community and love working with people. Not only will you need to manage your own staff, but you’ll also be a representative of the brand in your town. Prosperous franchise owners are those that make personal connections with the neighborhood and build relationships with customers.
  4. You’re in it for the long haul: Many Firehouse Subs franchise owners are looking to build something sustainable for themselves and their families, and they know that this takes time. Consistency and commitment will pay off if you show up every day excited about what you’re doing and maintain a vision of the future. Establishing your presence in the community and building wealth for your loved ones is attainable when you truly dedicate yourself to this work.
  5. You’re not afraid to ask for help: One of the best things about opening your own Firehouse Subs franchise is the tremendous amount of support you’ll receive. You’ll have an entire team ready to guide you through setting up your store, how to market the brand, and how to manage your daily operations. If you are open to this guidance, you’ll find great success as a franchise owner..

Think you have what it takes to be a successful Firehouse Subs franchise owner? Reach out to speak with us about current opportunities! 


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