Firehouse Rewards Voted One of America’s Best Loyalty Programs 2021

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When it comes to building a successful franchise restaurant, customer loyalty is priceless. We all tend to have our favorite stores and restaurants that we frequent on a regular basis. These are the places where we receive consistently great goods and services, where we’re treated kindly, and where we find ourselves going back to time and time again.

In the Catering, Restaurants, and Leisure Bagel and Sandwich Chains category, Firehouse Subs claimed the number-one spot for its rewards program. This is a restaurant brand that has shown tremendous growth and creativity over the years, particularly through these pandemic times, and is poised for even more expansion in the years to come. Not only does Firehouse Subs provide fast, fresh food for its customers, but they also offer great incentives for new and established patrons alike.

Firehouse Subs is a fan favorite for many reasons. Their tasty subs are available in a huge variety of locations, from traditional storefronts to nontraditional popups in airports, college campuses, and sports arenas. You can order your food hot and ready to go easily online and through a mobile app. Firehouse Subs also gives back to our community’s first responders, through their Firehouse Public Safety Foundation. And now, it’s clear that they care deeply about keeping their customers loyal, with the best franchise restaurant customer loyalty program.

Like many loyalty programs, Firehouse Rewards offers lots of perks like free meal upgrades, free drinks, free birthday subs, and plenty more. It’s all accessible through their user-friendly mobile app, which can track your orders and points and help you locate nearby stores to cash in on your rewards.

Because Firehouse Subs is a well-respected brand name and tends to see a lot of repeat traffic from travelers, students, and locals, a robust rewards program makes a lot of business sense. And because there are Firehouse Subs franchises across the United States, it gives people comfort to know they can get their favorite sandwich even while away from home. This kind of consistent presence, and the ability to use rewards points anywhere, anytime, is one of the reasons why Firehouse Subs has earned this coveted award in 2021.

Nowadays, it seems like every retail store and franchise restaurant has a customer loyalty program, but what makes some stand out more than others? In a nationwide survey, entailing over 16,000 evaluations, customers were asked to rate their experience in six different categories:

Ease and enjoyment- How valuable are the perks in the rewards program?
Benefit- Are those perks worth being a part of the program?
Overall satisfaction- Has the customer been satisfied with their experience of the program, and have their expectations been met?
Customer support- What level of assistance is provided to new members in troubleshooting or with redeeming rewards?
Trust- What’s the level of trust in the program, the brand, and how personal data is collected/used?
Recommendation- How likely is the customer to recommend the program to friends and family?

The fact that Firehouse Subs outranked national competitors with their franchise restaurant customer loyalty program means that they’re on to something great and that their fanbase isn’t going anywhere any time soon. When you not only create a consistently good product that’s convenient and reliable, but also offer extra incentives like free subs, drinks, and add-ons, you build a positive, ongoing relationship with the customer. And after all, that’s what the service industry is all about.


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