Palm Coast is now host to a brand-new franchise for Firehouse Subs, located at 5615 State Highway 100 E., Suite 112. The popular eatery opened its doors on January 11, 2021, owned by the Firehouse Subs franchisee David Hause.

David has been with Firehouse Subs for over 20 years, not only as a franchise owner but also as an active participant in the company’s foundation, which benefits our community’s first responders.

Before owning his first restaurant with Firehouse Subs in Palm Coast in 2003, Hause joined the team back in 1998, serving as general manager of a Jacksonville location. He quickly rose in the ranks, and soon oversaw six restaurants in the area as district manager. He made the move to Palm Coast in 2005, and has loved the local community and small-town feel ever since.

“I’ve wanted to open a Firehouse Subs restaurant at this end of town for a long time and am excited to do so 17 years after I opened the first one,” Hause shared. “I look forward to welcoming new and loyal guests in to try our hot and hearty subs while we continue to give back locally through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.”

Firehouse Subs restaurants provide hot and hearty sub sandwiches to go, which you can conveniently order online through the Firehouse Subs website or mobile app, or call in over the phone. You can also snag your freshly made meal for takeout at the counter inside the new Palm Coast franchise location, which opens at 10 a.m. every day of the week. The restaurant closes at 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and stays open an extra hour, until 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. And if it’s catering you’re looking for,  our new Firehouse Subs franchise in Palm Coast can handle your office party or family gathering, no matter the size.


David Hause has long been a champion of giving back to the community through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, which has granted over $1.2 million to first responders and public safety organizations in the greater central Florida region. In every Firehouse Subs location across the country, a portion of each sale goes to the Foundation, which works to provide funding, education, and lifesaving equipment to the brave individuals who keep our cities safe.

The popular sub restaurant chain was founded by brothers, former firefighters, and you can see the homage to decades of fire and police service reflected in the decor. You can find photos and gear donated by local fire departments, as well as beautiful custom mural artwork by artist Joe Puskas. The custom piece was painted in loving memory of Melinda Hause and the nearly 30 years of marriage she spent with David, and features her with their six grandchildren, along with a Flagler County Fire Rescue helicopter, seen hovering over David’s backyard, overlooking a golf course. Since 1994, with the opening of the very first Firehouse Subs, Puskas and his creative team have painted more than 1,185 murals from his home base, the Firehouse Subs headquarters in Jacksonville.

The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation was established in 2005, and this 501(c)(3) organization has granted more than $55 million to public safety servants in 49 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Its mission is to provide funding, educational support, and lifesaving equipment to first responders and other public safety outfits. Firehouse Subs customers can support the foundation’s great work in many ways. Guests can purchase a recycled 5-gallon pickle bucket for a $3 donation, drop some spare change in a donation canister at the restaurant’s register counter, or participate in the Round Up Program, which allows customers to “round up” their bill to the nearest dollar. All of these funds go to benefit the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, and are much appreciated.


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