Tips for Successfully Running Your Firehouse Subs Franchise

Owning a piece of the Firehouse Subs brand is an exciting venture! More and more people are showing interest in opening their own franchise location, taking control of their lives and their futures. Franchising is a great way to get the flexibility and freedom you want, without the high risks of starting your own business. However, building a thriving franchise does take work and focus. Here are some tips for running a successful Firehouse Subs restaurant franchise!

1. Stay connected to your why

There will inevitably be tough days and speed bumps, just like with any job,  which is why our first tip for running a successful restaurant franchise is to have a clear intention of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Connect with the inner spark or motivation that got you started in the first place. What continues to drive you as a business owner or member of your community? Consider writing down your “why” and placing it where you can see it every day. It can become your mission statement.

2. Learn to delegate

Don’t push yourself too hard or force yourself to wear too many hats. This is a recipe for burnout. A mark of any successful franchise owner is the ability to effectively delegate. Hire people you can trust, or find ways to break up the workload based on people’s skills or passions. Keep your perfectionism in check, and learn to outsource.

3. Utilize your franchisee resources

When you join the team at Firehouse Subs, you have a tremendous amount of resources available to you. This includes training opportunities, along with guidance on anything from finances to marketing. Take advantage of everything that is included in your investment! The team at Firehouse wants you to succeed, and our franchise support network is always standing ready to help.

4. Network with your community

As a business owner, you are a valuable part of your community as a whole. This is an invitation to step into your role as a leader, collaborator, and overall positive force in your neighborhood. Take time to genuinely connect with other local businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, and more. Find ways to support and promote one another.

5. Build a great team

Your employees are a priceless part of your day-to-day operations, and should be chosen with care. Have a clear idea about the traits you value in your staff, and work to create a positive work environment to nurture their responsibility and personal growth. Encourage personalities that mesh well and have a good attitude towards learning and integrity.

6. Focus on repeat business

A cornerstone of success, especially in the fast-casual food industry, is building customer loyalty. This is about being consistent in the quality of food and experience you offer, and making them feel welcomed every time they walk through your doors. Don’t forget to highlight our customer rewards program, and the charitable giving we do at Firehouse Subs.

When you have the right attitude and gameplan, you can create your very own Firehouse Subs franchise that you can be proud of. We hope these 6 tips for running a successful franchise restaurant were helpful! If you are curious to learn more about our current business opportunities or need guidance on boosting your current franchise, get in touch with our team today!


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