What Kind of Training Goes Into Becoming a Franchisee?

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You've signed the paperwork and you’re ready to begin your journey to opening your very own Firehouse Subs franchise. What happens next is one of the most rewarding parts of the process—the training stage. This is when you’ll absorb tons of helpful information and learn from industry pros about how to run a successful franchise. During your training, you will explore every aspect of building a thriving fast-casual food franchise, and gain the confidence you need to operate your restaurant with ease.

Here at Firehouse Subs, we want each of our franchisees to feel as prepared as possible to build their own success and be supported with all the resources they require over the life of their business. 

Training for new franchise owners includes a wide variety of topics, such as:

Product and service information

Explore the ins and outs of every product on the menu, including ingredients, recipes, and more. 

Daily operations

Learn the basic workflows for running your store, including inventory, ordering, storage, cleaning, point-of-sale, opening and closing procedures, and more.


Dive into financial management for your franchise! You’ll cover bookkeeping and accounting software, payroll, contracting with vendors, how to pay yourself, and the best areas to invest to grow your business. 

Marketing and branding

Learn about the unique branding that sets Firehouse Subs apart from others. Get great tips on marketing your store, connecting with your community, and building a positive image.

Human resource management

Explore the details of how to hire and retain employees for your shop, and best practices for managing staff. 

Company values

Get to know the mission and vision of Firehouse Subs, including our commitment to giving back through our Public Safety Foundation. Get inspired to be a positive force for change in your community as a franchise owner.

During your training as a new franchisee, you may have many questions, and that’s great. We welcome your feedback and interest in how to thrive as a valued member of our nationwide family. Franchise training is one of the most exciting parts of the journey, and we want you to enjoy every moment of it! 

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